The Real-Time Revolution Revealed - VANTIQ 2018 Global Partner Summit


Posted by Blaine Mathieu, CMO - 01 November, 2018

It was my recent pleasure to emcee the VANTIQ 2018 Global Partner Summit in San Francisco – what an event! Over 70 VANTIQ partners and associates from 10 countries came together for three days to discuss the future of real-time applications and how organizations are driving true digital transformation with them.
In fact, the main thing that struck me about the conference was that it was not really about the future – it was about what these partners are actually doing with real-time, event-driven applications built with VANTIQ today. At the event, we learned about and saw:
  • A real-time building security project using AI-enabled facial recognition and 3D mapping. (See a demo here.)
  • A ‘smart cities’ project with a major global auto manufacturer, using real-time object detection
  • A restaurant chain management system that included supply chain management, inventory management, customer tracking, order management, and meals-in-process management – all connected and all in real time – and distributed over a chain of 500+ restaurants. (And running in real-time, right in front of us at the event!)
  • A global service/support network powered by real-time data feeds from the systems and machines being monitored.
  • A massive implementation-in-process across thousands of rental apartments, providing information to their owners and enabling real-time actions to be taken by caretakers and service personnel.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The coolest part of all these projects is that most of them were built by one or two developers in a couple weeks (or less). Wow.
In addition to the project reviews, we had two incredible guest speakers keynote the event. On Day 1, industry analyst Brian Solis [] opened with a revealing discussion of how customer experience (CX) is critical to any digital transformation project.
Industry Analyst Brian Solis opened a revealing discussion of how CX is critical to any digital transformation project at 2018 VANTIQ Global Partners Summit in San Francisco
On Day 2, Israel-based digital transformation guru Raz Heiferman took the audience through his ‘4 Forces Framework for Agilification’. Without agility, DX initiatives are doomed to failure and we learned how to avoid the pitfalls and ensure the success of such efforts.
Digital Transformation Guru Raz Heiferman give speech about '4 Forces Feamwork for Agilification' at 2018 VANTIQ Global Partner Summit in San Francisco
We ended the event with a well-earned cruise on the Empress under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. Learning and fun – the perfect combination.
VANTIQ ends the event with cruise on the Empress under the Golden Gate Bridge for 2018 Global Partners Summit in San Francisco
VANTIQ partners enjoying dinner in San Francisco
 a picture of San Francisco Skyline taken by VANTIQ from the Empress cruise
I can’t wait until next year!
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