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Posted by Chris Esposito, VANTIQ - 09 January, 2019

Welcome to the monthly recap of The Real-Time Enterprise - December 2018's top content on smart manufacturing, event-driven applications, AI, and edge computing
Included are the top tweets, LinkedIn posts, and blogs discussing digital transformation, IoT, real-time enterprise applications, and much more from the month of December - as chosen by you, our readers.
State Tech Magazine

Smart cities face a problem as they scale up their data collection through broad deployment of connected sensors: Their networks and cloud storage may be unable to cope with the sheer volume of data they’re generating. To future-proof their smart city investments, some local governments are turning to edge computing — analyzing the data in the sensor where it’s collected. 

Information Age 
Information Age's comprehensive guide to edge computing for CTOs and business leaders - Current networking security practices need to be updated to cover the vulnerabilities present when using edge computing. Developing an awareness of threats before deployment will ensure the smoothest edge computing experience.
The Real-Time Enterprise
Tony Batalla, Head of IT for the City of San Leandro was a guest on VANTIQ TV’s "The Real-Time Enterprise". We recapped the interview with the top highlights where Tony spoke about his own smart city initiative with predictions and an inside view of digitally transforming cities. 
Now well into their transformation journey, many companies are realizing the need to readjust to better align expectations with outcomes. Sound familiar? If so, consider examining the relationship between your organization’s IT and LOB leaders, particularly when it comes to ownership of transformation efforts.
The Real-Time Enterprise
A real-time application for security enables businesses and individuals to behave proactively rather than reactively to security threats. Using event-driven data, a real-time application can sense, at any given time, the status of the security of your assets, analyze if anything is wrong, and enable you to take action from a remote or on-site location in real time.
The Real-Time Enterprise
As we move into our 2019 season 2, be sure to see our first interview as The Real-Time Enterprise under VANTIQ TV Tamara McCleary and Blaine Mathieu, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at VANTIQ, discuss how artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies will truly help organizations become ‘real-time enterprises’.
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