Gartner Catalyst Conference 2019 Recap - EDA's Continued Adoption


Posted by Blaine Mathieu, CMO - 19 August, 2019


Last week I attended Gartner Catalyst in San Diego for the second time. What a difference a year makes!

In my report from last year's event, I came away with two key conclusions:

  • Low-code/no-code platforms are here to stay – and developers are (finally) embracing them
  • Event-Drive Architecture (EDA) is becoming pervasive

This year, both low-code and EDA had sunk into the background a bit. Why is that? Because the market has matured so much in the last year that neither technology is on the bleeding edge any more. Companies are now beginning to use them as a matter of course. As Gartner says:

“By 2020, event processing will be a top-three priority for the majority of CIOs at large organizations.”

- Gartner, Innovation Insight for Event Thinking - Download for free here

Despite the growing acceptance of these two technologies as simply ‘the way things are done’, there still remains only one application platform on the market that combines low/no-code, rapid application development with event-driven architecture at its core. VANTIQ is proud to be driving the market to its obvious destination.

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