The Next Generation of Software Solutions Must Be Shared


Posted by Marty Sprinzen, CEO - 11 April, 2019


The amount of software that is needed in the world is growing exponentially. As businesses increasingly become digital and automate their real-time operations, the complexity and pervasiveness of mission critical software is compounding There are not enough software developers to create it all. VANTIQ has introduced a new product called VANTIQ Connect to enable the software applications made by VANTIQ partners to be shared for use around the world. The goal is to leverage the expertise and solutions that others have developed to jumpstart digital transformation initiatives. 

The next-generation of real-time, event-driven applications will soon be developed to monitor and act on environmental problems, automatically detect security risks, intelligently manage human safety, and operate increasingly complex systems such as smart cities. The introduction of new disruptive technologies such as IoT, AI, Edge Computing, and Autonomous systems, results in challenges unlike ever before. The failure rates in deploying these applications are exceedingly high and getting worse. 

In order to address these challenges, two things are needed. First, application developers must work at far higher levels of abstraction to rapidly create business logic and automate the deployment. VANTIQ is a low-code aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) that enables rapid development and deployment of real-time applications. This results in huge advantages as applications can be created in a fraction of the time and evolve with a fraction of the effort. Yet, low-code products alone are not sufficient to address the dramatically growing requirement for software. To solve this issue, we must look to the second requirementleverage.  

What is needed is a way to reuse applications on a worldwide scale. When software developers create an application, either for their business or for a client, there needs to be a way to offer the application to other organizations that are facing similar business problems. Only via reusability can the world’s need for modern software be met. Such applications must be low-code to be easily modified and event-driven to adapt to fit in different settings with unique requirements.  

To support this, VANTIQ has created a solution sharing community called VANTIQ Connect. VANTIQ Connect offers System Integrators and IT organizations a way to share their efforts with others. For example, an application created by a SI to track suspicious activity in an airport can be redeployed to another airport, a port, or a warehouse. A flood monitoring application running in Belgium can be modified to detect the water height in the canals of Venice. A gas line safety application that uses drones to detect leaks can be offered to numerous Oil and Gas companies. SIs will be able to reuse the solutions and experience they obtain and leverage the expertise of others.  

VANTIQ Connect was created to help the world deliver more software and faster. Reinventing the wheel each time an application is created will not suffice to meet worldwide demand. Using low-code products is a requirement but, in and of itself, is not sufficient. VANTIQ Connect can reimagine how we solve the problems of the software industry of tomorrow 


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