Why a Real-Time Enterprise Blog?


Posted by Blaine Mathieu, CMO - 30 January, 2018


Enterprises - and organizations of all types - are at a crossroads. Digital transformation has moved beyond the buzzword stage to literally become a life-and-death issue for most companies. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, internet of things, and edge computing are just a few of the disruptive forces now barreling towards enterprises at lightning speed.

The companies that don’t realize this will be the first to die. As a study from Washington University recently predicted, 40% of Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist in 10 years. Some will be bought and dismantled, and some will be disrupted right out of business. This process used to take decades. No longer.

Fundamentally, digital transformation is not just about moving operations and activities online. That’s just a means to an end. The true end-goal in many cases is to become a ‘real-time enterprise’ – to be able to sense, analyze, and act in real time – before competitors beat you or the market moves on without you.

According to Gartner, event-driven applications will be a core driver of this transformation. Only such applications can take in massive (and rapidly increasing) flows of real-time data from machines, people, and systems; analyze that data in real-time; and then enable powerful actions to happen in that very moment. Not just produce a pretty dashboard or report to be acted on later.

Many of these real-time actions will include ‘human-machine collaborations’ in which people and increasingly intelligent computer systems will literally collaborate to solve complex challenges that neither can do on their own. This is no longer science-fiction – the time is now.

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Topics: event-driven applications, digital transformation, human-machine collaboration, internet of things, edge computing

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